Weekly Report 2 – 2017

By | 01/19/2017


SM       Neil Edwards     60m 8.58; 1000m 4.34.38; 60H 14.73; HJ 1.45; PV 2.91; LJ 4.66; SP 10.06

2nd Welsh : 1960 pts



U11G    Seren Evans                   50m 5th 9.36 PB

U13G    Grace Meredith              60m ht 9.97 PB ; SP 1st 6.29 ; LJ 4th 3.50 ;

Isobel Gunn                   60m ht 9.53 PB ; LJ 1st 4.05 PB

U15G    Ella Hunter                    60m ht 9.44 ; 60H 4th 11.32 ; SP 5th 6.23 ;

Nia Curphey                  60m ht 8.88 PB ; LJ 6th 3.88 ;

Rosie Blaze                    60m ht 8.89 PB ; LJ 8th 3.61 PB ;

Lowri Jarvis                   PV 2nd 2.10 PB ;

U15B    Isaac Lecki                    SP 1st 9.99 ;

James Evans                  SP 3rd 6.95 PB ;

Evan Williams               60m 4th 8.36 PB ; HJ 1st 1.45 PB ;

U17W   Isabelle Collins              SP 1st 9.71 PB ;

Erin Wynne                    60m ht 9.50 PB ; SP 3rd 4.92 PB ; LJ 6th 2.89 PB ;

Georgia Roberts             60m ht 8.82 PB ; 60H 3rd 11.90 PB ; LJ 1st 4.25 ;

Caitlyn Hassell               LJ 5th 3.84 ;

Megan Hunter                60H 2nd 10.29 ;

U17M   Rhys Jones                    60H 2nd 9.73 PB ; HJ 1st 1.60 ; LJ 2nd 5.36 ;

U20W  Ellie Collins                    PV 1st 2.60 ; SP 3rd 9.25 ;

Alice Odunaiya              60m 1st 8.15 PB

U20M   Thomas Walley              TJ 1st 14.44 PB,New Record; LJ 1st 6.59 ; PV 4.15 PB

M45      Steve Warwick               SP 2nd 10.59 PB ; LJ 2nd 3.67 PB ; 60m 2nd 9.37

M45      Paul Evans                     60m 3rd 9.10 PB

M45      Martin Chadwick F36     SP 1st 8.88 ;

M50      Brian Collins                 SP 2nd 7.11 PB ; 60m 9.82 PB ; LJ 1st 3.77

M50      David James                  60H 1st 12.18 PB ; TJ 1st  8.91 ; 60m 2nd 8.95 ;

M65      Paul Brooks                   SP 1st 7.44 ;

M70      Bob Frost                      SP 1st 6.88 PB;

Full results at www.thepowerof10.info/results


CHESHIRE XC CHAMPS, Birchwood, 7 Jan.

U13B    Joseph Hancock             8th         11.25

Ted Bolton                     19th       11.59



U20W   Alice Odunaiya              60m       8.26 PB

U20M   Thomas Evans               600m 1.26.85 PB


ERDDIG 5K PARKRUN, 7 Jan.                        CHESTER PARKRUN, 7 Jan.

Matthew Willis              1st         16.43                David Ford        8th         20.30

Andy Jones                    5th        19.48

Gwyneth Parry               6th        19.50

Michael Roberts 31st       23.21

Ger Collins                    43rd       24.33

Sion Davies                   64th       25.39

Alan French                   68th       25.58

Karl Moore                    101st     28.22

Louise Ward                  171st     32.03

Peter Norman                 264th     39.02 and John Tipping   290th 41.07


Daniel Weston                1st         21.34  M35

Tanguy Chassard            2nd        21.41  SM

Christian Smith              3rd        22.30  U20M

Lewis Parry                   4th        23.03  U17M & 1st Junior Award

Andy Jones                    5th         23.35  M40 1st (1st vet award)

Gareth Chaloner             6th        24.09  SM

David Millington            7th        24.41  M45 (2nd vet award)

Rob Barber                    8th        25.43  M40 (3rd vet award)

Peter Hughes                  9th         25.55  M50  (1st super vet award)

Peter Sussex                   10th       26.54  M50  (winner of Club Male Handicap award)

Gerard Collins                11th       28.27  M45

Richard Westwood          12th       29.13  M40 (1st Male T&F award)

Charles Ashley               13th       30.11  M55

Alan French                   14th       31.22  M60 (1st Supersonic vet awartd)

Arthur Egan                   15th       32.06  M70  (1st Cyberspace vet award)

Lynda Rowlands             16th       32.59  W45  (1st Lady award)

Nicola Chaloner             17th       36.18  SW    (2nd Lady award & 1st Lady T&F award)

Lisa Collins                   18th       36.43  W40  (3rd Lady award)

Vicky Bishop                 19th       39.22  W35  (1st Lady vet award)

Alexis Baty                    20th       39.38  W50  (winner of Club Lady Handicap award)

Melanie Gilliver             21st       39.59   W55  (1st Lady Supervet award)


CLUB XMAS JUNIOR TRACK RACE, 8 Jan. (distance 1640m approx)

Ted Bolton                     1st         6.21  U13B 1st & winner of Les Baldwin Shield

Ryan O’Malley               2nd        6.46  U11B 1st

Joe Collins                     3rd        7.08  U11B 2nd

Olivia Davies                 4th        7.21  U13G 1st & winner of Jean Baldwin Shield

Seren Evans                   5th        7.25  U9G 1st

Cameron Williams          6th         8.11  U11B 3rd

Lucy Jones                     7th        8.16  U9G 2nd

Owen Chaloner              8th        8.28  U11B 4th

As usual the events were enjoyed by all participants and the presentations went well despite problems with the computer assisted results service which failed totally. All the youngsters got a medal at the very least, and we tried to ensure that most of the seniors got an award of some description. The raffle was a success with plenty of prizes donated and enabling a profit overall of £136.20. This amount will be forwarded to the Stroke Ward at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital in accordance with the wishes of our Club Vice President, Glyn Davies.



Sat  14  Jan         2.00pm             North Wales Senior XC League, Walford College, Baschurch SY4 2HL

Sun 15              11.00am            Four Villages Half Marathon, Helsby

Sat  21              1.00pm            Twin Piers 10k, Colwyn Bay

Sun 22              11.00am            Borders Road Race League, Connahs Quay

Sat  28              11.30am            North Wales XC Champs, Corwen

Sun 29              10.30am            Manchester Indoor Open, Sport City

Sat    4  Feb         2.00pm            North Wales XC League, Oswestry

Sun   5              11.00am            Alsager 5 Road Race



A Leadership in Running Fitness course will be held in Wrexham at Glyndwr Uni. on 25 March 2017 (cost £110 which the club will pay), subject to a minimum of 8 candidates. Registration via the Welsh Athletics website.



In Northern Ireland the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme which keeps empty sheds warm and may cost £billions, may be replicated over here under an initiative by the government and UK Athletics from 1st April. It involves runners attaching plastic bags to their shorts and catching methane emissions; the bags are then sent to gas recycling centres. The bags only cost 5p from most stores but unfortunately have holes in them due to health & safety, and so defeats the whole purpose. Donald Trump says he is ‘behind’ the scheme, the PM says she ‘May’ give it a go; JC says it will be a miracle if it works, and WRU could give it a ‘try’. As they say in panto , “it’s behind you”, and “ozone they won’t”!