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Northern League Match 3 Roundup

🕙 Tuesday 11 July, 2023 05:02pm

A small but mighty team of 10 Wrexham AAC Athletes travelled to Liverpool Edge Hill university on Sunday for the 3rd match of the northern league. The team pulled together brilliantly to cover as many events as possible, in some very wet conditions.

Their heroic efforts earned them a 4th place finish in the match, just behind Liverpool Pembroke AC and ahead of Wigan AC.

Teams results are below:

Dan Williams 100m 11.9s 5a | 200m 25.2s 5a

Oliver Edwards 400m 54.3s 3a

Thomas Evans 400m 57.0 2b | 800m 02:21 5a | 3000sc 12:47 1b | 400h 65.7 3a | LJ 5.10 5a | TJ 9.65m 1a

Luke Northall 800m 02:22 4b | 1500m 04:45 4a | 5000m 17:20 3a | 3000sc 11:40 3a

Mike Robbins 1500m 05:50 3b | 5000m 21:24 4b

Neil Edwards 400mh 88.7s 1b | 110h 22.8s 3a | PV 2.50m 5a | HT 30.72m 3a | SP 10.33m | DT 31.40m | 36.19m

Steve Spires LJ 3.74m 4b | HT 16.85m 2b

Nicholas Young DT 42.00m | SP 12.17m | JT 32.00m

Ellie Collins SP 8.69m 1b | 28.73m 2b | JT 21.5m 6a | LJ 3.15m 6a | HJ 1.10m 4a

Isabelle Collins SP 9.07m 4b | HT 24.59m 2b | JT 21.19m 2b | 400m 101s 6a

Amber Simpson DT 40.59m 1a | HT 64.79m 1a

Full results can be found here:

Note: Nicholas Youngs Performance omitted from results due to registration concerns which we are contesting, although does not impact final match position.